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Looking for something new to mix up with your vodka? Sure, you can just pour it over ice and call it a day, but why settle for boring when you can get as creative as you want with some delicious cocktails recipes?
From simple two-ingredient drinks to complex mixes of herbs, fruits, spices and more, there are many ways to craft a delicious cocktail with vodka. Below we’ll share our favorite vodka cocktails recipes that can easily be made at home. They’re sure to wow your friends (and yourself!).
Don’t forget to use our favorite, Absolute Vodka has a rich flavor, is smooth and mellow with a distinct character of grain. Absolut Vodka is great neat and ice-cold, on the rocks or as a base for hundreds of drinks and cocktails.

We deliver vodka in London, Surrey, Sutton, Middlesex, Uxbridge and Harrow. 24 hour alcohol delivery in London, Surrey, Sutton, Middlesex, Uxbridge and Harrow.

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